Friday 13th - Digital Release of 'Graveside Breakfast Live (Or At Least Undead)

Happy Friday 13th! Today we have released our first album which happens to be a collection of live recordings called Live (Or At Least Undead). They are all recordings from 2017 that we hope will help you get into the Halloween Spirit.
We will have physical copies only at our shows (such as the one coming up on October 18th) and that will include 2 1/2 tracks that will not be available digitally.

The Subtle Art of Autodefenestration - Live 07-24-17

Video of the live performance on 7-24-17 at Strange Matter opening for Pinky Doodle Poodle.

Revenge! Revenge! - Practice 07/10/2017

Video of Revenge! Revenge! from a recent practice with the current lineup.