Revenge! Revenge! Demo Track

Revenge! Revenge! Demo Lyrics to come soon

Only a Gutsy Teenage Girl Can Save Us from the Oppressive Dystopia of the Future

Today we are excited to premiere our first music video, "Only a Gutsy Teenage Girl Can Save Us From the Oppressive Dystopia of the Future". After many months of work this homemade project is complete. Please share it if you like it.
And now for something completely grimdark.

The Subtle Art of Autodefenestration (Part) Live Demo

Part of 'The Subtle Art of Autodefenestration' taken from a live video of us at The Canal Club earlier this year.

Graveside Breakfast - June 13, 2015 Canal Club

Video from Canal Club June 2015 - first show with the new 2.0 lineup (only 3 days of practice under our belts in these roles)

Grimdark Legion Audio-Visual Teletransmission Communiqué Episode I

The inaugural teletransmission communiqué to you, our friends, family, fans, and Grimdark Legionnaires. In this poignant message, we convey our gratitude for your support and willingness to click the "Like" button on our Facebook page.

(Almost) Entire Set From Canal Club 1-13-15

Thanks to Brad at Skate N Hate we have almost our entire set available for you to watch on Youtube. Part of the 4th song is missing as well as the end of the last song. If you couldn't attend or you want an idea of what our live show would be like take some time to watch this. Dream grimdark.

Screen Images Simulated (Lyrics)

The lyrics video for Screen Images Simulated. Watch the typographical maelstrom as your senses are delightfully assaulted. Flicker grimdark.

Sam Ash Open Mic Night - Nov 5, 2014

"La Maldición del Amor" and "Electric Lovers" with Maximus on bass and Faust on backing vocals (and air guitar).