"La Maldición del Amor" Released

Another day closer to Richmond Rocktober, and another track up on SoundCloud! It's in the media section. Taste the grimdark.

"Screen Images Simulated" Released

We just put "Screen Images Simulated" up on SoundCloud for your listening enjoyment. Check it out in the media section.

Stay grimdark!

Eien Strife Is Awesome!

We all already know that Eien Strife is incredible, but we had to give them thanks, props, and shoutouts for plugging us at their acoustic show today. Stay grimdark!


As you can tell if you are reading this, the new website is up and running! We're still ironing out the details (such as the contact form not working yet) and some image size issues if you look at certain parts of the site on older phones. But for the most part, it's up and running!

All the videos we posted are available in the Media section, as well as future audio tracks and pictures and stuff like that. We aim to have more content here in the coming weeks. Thanks for checking it out! Surf Wisely, and Stay Grimdark.


Almost There

So, remember that new site that was supposed to be here at the end of March? Well, we’re looking at early May to have it up. We’ve got the design and back-end mostly finalized, and we are now working out the hosting details. Once that is settled, we should be ready to go live with the new site.

Darkness Between the Stars

As of about 1AM this morning, we the people of Graveside Breakfast submitted our first recorded song, “Darkness Between the Stars” to a particular company for a particular contest. We’re not sure we even need to be this secretive about it, but we figure better safe than sorry. We have spent the last few weeks writing, playing, recording, and finally mixing and mastering the song. We just submitted it today, about 11 hours before the deadline. If it wins, it will be on a compilation album that will be available on iTunes, and you will be able to purchase it there. If it does not, we will make it available elsewhere. Either way, we hope you get to hear it soon. However, until we know what we can and cannot divulge, we will not say anything else about it. In other news, we had planned to play...

Bringing the Grimdark Back to Open Mic Night!

Last night we hit Open Mic Night at Sam Ash Music for the first time in months. It was great to be back! There was a lot of talent on display and a lot of new faces, as well as some old favs. (Michelle, Ken, Lee, and Markiss? We’re lookin’ at you!) We played "Teen Vampire Romance" and "Screen Images Simulated". The drum and monitor situation has improved dramatically and everyone sounds better now, even us! Hopefully a video of last night will go up soon. We are working on a new song as well. We aim to get it recorded and mixed by the 21st for reasons we will go into once it is done. So, three cheers for another reason why the new site design isn’t up yet! Anyway, we plan to premier that to the world two weeks from now (4/16/14)...

It Was a Great April Fool’s Day!

Yes, just in case there was ANY question, the previous post was a complete and utter fabrication. Graveside Breakfast is NOT about to release an album called Born Every Minute (as in “a sucker is…”). We have not spoken to Jesse Lacey in about ten years (he probably doesn’t remember us anyway) and we have never met...

Apparently, Plans Really Ignite Little Fires Over our Lives!

Hey everyone. dolst here. I know I said we would have the new site up by the end of March but the husband-and-wife team of Graveside Breakfast have been extremely busy. We hope you can forgive us having a bit of a delay getting the new site up since we have a whole slew of announcements here, so bear with us. First off, we just finished recording our first full-length album, Born Every Minute! We’ve been keeping it under wraps because of some of the big names we’ve been collaborating with. The CD drops tomorrow, but we decided to announce it a day early because we just can’t keep it quiet any longer! Two of the tracks feature guest vocals from longtime friend of the band, Jesse Lacey of Brand New. Other guest vocals include Peter Murphy, Wiz Kalifa, and Kellen Quinn...

New Site Soon. We Promise!

We know we mentioned this back in November (shortly before we dropped off the map) but we are currently working on a new site. Here is a screenshot.

 The New Site